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Who is RoboGuy?

RoboGuy is an Australian based online retailer which is committed to bringing you quality products from Chinese Manufacturers (Xiaomi, Nillkin, JGAurora, etc.) that rival the specs and features of similar products offered by Big Brands (Apple, Samsung, LG, Roomba, Neato, DJI, etc.) but just without the price tag. We strive to sell all of these products as competitively as possible, we do this by constantly seeking better prices from our suppliers as well as looking to cut out extra un-necessary costs wherever possible. Most importantly we strive to offer the best customer service to our customers, whether it is during the pre-delivery time period or through after-sale support we are here for you and our goal is to always put you as our customer first as much as possible. Unless otherwise stated all the items sold on our website come with a 1 Year Australian Warranty which we take great pride in upholding and honouring in accordance with the ACL (Australian Consumer Law) standards. Being that we are an Australian Business all prices on our website include GST, this is something to look out for when looking at some of our competitors as many of them are based overseas and thus may not include GST in the purchase price leading to potential unexpected delivery fees. Also, being that we are locally Australian based, any warranty concerns are dealt without requiring you to ship the items you purchased back to some overseas address for repairs or replacements, plus if you speak to our team via the phone (0422421249) you will be speaking to a homegrown Aussie who will seek to answer all of your questions in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Unlike many retailers we are here for you, and although we may not always be able to satisfy every customer, we will try our absolute best in making a good attempt to do so. So, check out a range of great products today, and if you have any questions or would like to inquire about a product that is not on our website feel free to contact us.

What Happened with the OzBargain Mother's Day Special in May 2017?

If you have heard about the Mother's Day Special we ran back in May 2017 for the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner, were wondering why some of our early reviews on Product Reviews only got 1 Star, or were a customer who personally participated in the Mother's Day Special and were wondering what happened, then this video should help to shed light on some of these events as Izaak Lorenz describes the lead up to our famous OzBargain Deal and the events that followed it causing many customers to have to wait until August 2017 to receive the products they ordered 3 Months earlier. This was not a wanted experience for either us or our customers but at the time we dealt with it in the way which we knew best, however looking back on it there was definitely more we could have done to have made the situation better and perhaps decisions we could have made differently which may have enabled us to deliver the goods to our customers much faster. There was one positive outcome of this situation and that was that we were able to learn a lot about the import business and from the mistakes we made back then we have learned to do things much better ensuring that the same problems do not occur again. We truly appreciate every single customer who was involved in that Mother's Day Special and we apologise for everything we put you all through and the fact that we were not able to make delivery on time. We thank all those who had the patience and trust in us to wait until we were able to finally make delivery in August 2017. We understand that many of those involved in the deal joined in to help support a young Aussie Business, for which we are very grateful for the support you gave us and although we sadly were unable to deliver on time as originally promised and actually make the deal successful, we do strongly believe that through the failures and the mistakes which we made we were able to learn much more than we would have ever learned if the deal and fulfilment of the deal had have just ran smoothly according to plan, by no means are we suggesting we wanted the deal to fail just for the experience but looking back on it, the experience we gained because of how things played out has helped to significantly improve how we run our business more than what we would have otherwise accomplished. This will hopefully lead to us being more successful in the future. So to put it in the words of Malcolm Forbes “Failure is success if we learn from it.” We strive to always learn from our mistakes as a company and continue to move forward providing our customers a better shopping experience, better service, and faster delivery. We will never be perfect, but that does not stop us from striving to be.

If you have any questions about what happened or would like other details explained more deeply please feel free to email us via support@roboguy.com.au and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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